Support for local culture and activities

Indonesia has many local cultures. These all have their own traditions, norms and values. This is of great importance for the local population. It creates social cohesion, it gives people self-esteem and strengthens mutual cooperation.

Masarang considers this to be essential conditions for effective conservation and therefore is dedicated to reinforce these local cultures. This creates mutual respect, cooperation and commitment.

Masarang supports local culture and activities with the following aims:

  • Encourage unique and sustainable aspects of the indigenous culture of the local population
  • Strengthen social cohesion
  • Encourage sustainable economic activity
  • Contribute to the local peoples’ self-esteem
  • Strengthen collaboration
  • Create interest for our projects and embed these within the community

Masarang works in Northern Sulawesi and in Kalimantan to support local culture and activity:

  • In Wolan, previously old Tomohon, used to be a settlement with houses made of wood. Only the dozens of megalithic tombs remained. Masarang has purchased this important piece of land so that these historic stones can be preserved and tourists can view them.
  • We help to maintain the ancient tradition of planting trees in and around the old Tomohon. This is done when a couple gets married, with the intention of using the wood for their children’s house.
  • Local dance groups in Tomohon are supported when they execute their traditional harvest and war dances. Sport, music and traditional skills are also funded.
  • Masarang has helped build an amphitheatre with a capacity of 5,000 people. This is the space where local community gathers for social and cultural events and where the local farmers’ cooperative meets regularly. The location of the theatre is an important historical place for the community.
  • Local orphanages are given traditional musical instruments with which children do shows. Biology teachers are sponsored and appliances for teaching are donated.


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Sustainable agriculture, assistance small farmers

Masarang has helped building an amphitheatre. The location of the theatre is an important historical place for the community.