Finaly rain !

For many people in Europe during this season that may not sound like worth of an exclamation mark but for us in Indonesia it was. Especially in North Sulawesi on the rain shadow side of the mountains it had been five months since we had rain. Lots of trees did not survive this dry season, even though there was no fire.

With the rains returning we can finally catch up again with the tree growing. The planting team is taking the opportunity to collect the seldom available seeds of the Cempaka trees that we will be planted in our Temboan reforestation area.

Tree climbers collecting seeds from fruiting timber trees. The conservation staff preparing additional germination beds in our tree nursery that at the moment is full with sugar palms ready for planting.

Construction of the special germination beds for the Cempaka seeds. They need specially washed sand, the right temperature and humidity in order to germinate. The seeds cannot be stored and have to be sown immediately after collecting.

The fruits of the Cempaka tree wil be peeled before soaking the seeds to get them ready to be planted.  In two months the first seedlings from these seeds will be planted in the Temboan area.