Many people are enthusiastic about the work carried out by Willie and support him with donations. But there are also others who would like to do a little more than give money. Within the Masarang Foundation there are enough volunteers to support Willie administratively, but to help Willie further you could do a variety of things.

Tell about the work of Willie and Masarang

You can find a lot of information on our website in the form of texts, pictures and movies. Show them family, friends and acquaintances. Make them a sponsor! The book Thinkers of the Jungle, (Publisher Ullmann Publishing ISBN 978-3-8331-4623-7 (GB)) is a good way to draw attention to the work of Willie. The more the work of Willie and Masarang is known, the more people will help him!
Below you will find some links to information that you can use.

Work as a Volunteer for Willie in Indonesia

Do you like animals, or do you know people who love animals? Go to Tasikoki or tell others about Tasikoki, and how fun it is to work awhile as a volunteer. You do not only support Willie’s work, but it is also a fantastic experience!

Conscious shopping – address suppliers and manufacturers on their use of palm oil

The production of palm oil is one of the major causes of deforestation in Indonesia. What many people do not know is that many products contain palm oil. One of the ways to reduce the use, is to eat as much fresh products, because palm oil is used in many products in packets, bags and cans. Ask manufacturers whether palm oil is in their products. Also many detergents, soaps, shampoos, paints etc contain palm oil. Shop consciously and share finds with friends and acquaintances.

Set up a fundraiser. Become an ambassador of the Foundation!

You can also set up your own fundraiser, donate the proceeds to Masarang, eg

  • Organize (along with your school or association) a flea market, a lottery or game day, or collect paper or empty bottles
  • Bake cookies, pancakes, flapjacks, crepes (palm oil-free)
  • Sell lemonade on a hot day, or hot chocolate on a cold
  • Organize a puzzle or a bike ride, a sponsor, or join a running festival and ask people to sponsor you
  • Are you good at music, organize a benefit concert.
  • Organize a bingo night or a lottery
  • Celebrate a party for Masarang.

Invent a trick!

Actions described above are but a short list. Maybe you have better ideas or create your own fundraiser. In short invent a trick!

Want to set up a fundraiser. Tell us

If you want to start a fundraiser, report it to us by e-mail. Put in your own name and address, the name of your fundraiser, in a few lines what you want to do, and the period the fundraiser is organized. We will tell about great initiatives in our newsletter.

Look for companies that are willing to sponsor the event and maybe your local newspaper is willing to report about it.


Below you will find some links to information that you could use in your fundraiser. We have made a selection of a number of articles on this website, but obviously there is still much more to find. See what you need to make your fundraiser successful. We have four main themes:

  1. The conservation of the unique biodiversity of Indonesia
    Support the animals and the education program of Tasikoki
  2. the conservation and restoration of the rainforests of Indonesia
    (Results) reforestation
  3. Better development opportunities for the local population
    Help children to education.
  4. The use of sustainable agriculture and production methods by the local population
    An overview of different aspects of Willie’s work can be found in this presentation and if you have a computer at hand, you can always show a number of films, including movies about Tasikoki.

Masarang has no influence on the content of the fundraiser and bears no liability. We however look if the fundraiser is connecting with the objectives of Masarang. Fundraisers that do not fit with our objectives and / or beliefs, we will not support.