Sea turtle conservation

A less well known but no less important project is a project to protect sea turtles. On North Sulawesi is a beach where many rare sea turtles lay their eggs.
The clip is in dutch.

Sindce this clip was recorded:

  • Turtles confiscated in Hong Kong have been successfully released in Papua New Guinea in 2011
  • the village that is mentioned in the clip has now electricity through a hydroelectric power station in the nearby river
  • there are plans to work with the population to set up a waste plan system
  • there are thoughts to set up a base camp for volunteers
  • and the forestry department is intending to give this coast area the status of “essential” ecosystem–region “.

There are plans to recruit volunteers during nesting season, in addition to the existing volunteer program at Tasikoki. If you want more information please send us an email:

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