01) Tasikoki The website of Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre
02) Onegreenplanet.org This website from 2016 describes Tasikoki as a well-known sanctuaries out there whose work deserves to be acknowledged.“A little-known place that will inspire you!”

Orangutan Rescue Nederland
Orangutan Rescue Nederland The website of Orangutan Rescue in the Netherlands. They cooperate with and support Willie Smits.

On the devastating effects of the palm oil industry
01) Biofuel for Europe
02) Masarang opinion on palm oil
03) The role of palm oil in the bushfires of 2015
04) Palm oil dossier the Guardian
05) If you have a FaceBook account Against Palm oil, and Palm Oil investigations
06) The massive expansion of palm oil plantations in Borneo and Sumatra

07) Why we are ‘boycotting’ palm oil, 

08) Palm oil is not the most efficient oil