New selling points for Masarang Rainforest soap and lip balm

Masarang soap
Masarang rainforest soap

We are proud to announce that Masarang Rainforest Soap and lip balm is now also for sale in the webshop Katoen&Ko and in the Health Specialty Shop Binorm in Zutphen. The assortment on the website of Orangutan Rescue is now also expanded with lip balm and new fragrances of Rainforest Soap. With the purchase of Masarang products, you directly support the people involved in Masarang’s illipe nut project in West Kalimantan. By creating value with these forest products, we aim to increase the economical value of the standing forest to levels far above the payment they would receive if they would sell their land to companies like palm oil producers, logging companies or pulp and paper producers.

Lip balm
Masarang rainforest lip balm