new masarang office
New Masarang office!

We would like to introduce to you all our new Masarang Foundation office in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

After moving from the first office located at Matani, Central Tomohon 3 year ago, we temporary were doing our job at Kaskaskasen, North of Tomohon in a rented wooden office. At the beginning of April this year we had to leave the place as we were at the end of the rent period.

We were trying some alternative locations for a temporary office close by, while planning to build a new office on our own land in Muung, a nice piece of land Masarang International bought last year to protect some very big old trees that still remain there, and which are close to an old spring that motivated Dr.Willie Smits as our Leader but also founder of Masarang Foundation Tomohon to buy this area because of its value and because it is can have a very positive impact not only for the local people but also for the people of Tomohon can it be beneficial and for our mission to protect the environment. .

But at the last moment in a April, we realized we had not enough funds to build a new office on a this empty piece of land because we would need a big budget to start it from Zero with all new facilities, so we found an alternative place i.e. our Amphitheatre! It is a cultural performing stage designed and build by Dr. Willie Smits in 2004/2005 to restore and to keep the local cultural art and tradition. Another important value besides this is also that the Amphitheatre location is located near a small mixed rainforest along the hill, with 4 important springs that spring there, with also some wonderful bird species still living there, and looking down on the rice field laying just under the famous and active Lokon Volcano.

view from amphitheatre
View from amphitheatre

Simply it is a very beautiful place and we are very happy we have decided to propose this to to Dr. Willie and Masarang International in the Netherlands, and we are still thankful for the permission and the donations that were given in a short time. So now we can start to build a new wooden house as a new office for Masarang Foundation Tomohon, and we are now already working here for 3 weeks in this new office with a new spirit and atmosphere surrounded by beautiful nature.

Celebrating the new office
Celebrating the new office

By the way, some facilities are still working although they haven’t been maintained for 12 years. In coming year we need to repair and upgrade the quality to present standards like the water system from the spring, electricity, bathroom and new accessories, and we need urgently a small kitchen for the staff. It would be great if we received new donations for these things .
Again thank you so much all the sponsors for the support and the donations so we can have a new office, we appreciate it so much!

Onna Senduk, 25th of May 2018