Farewell party for Simon Purser and Angela D’Allesio

Simon Purser
Simon Purser, hard-working Brit, dedicated vegan, passionate animal lover, slow and soft spoken, durian lover, linguist, dry humor, emotional, smart, and much more!

Leaving Tasikoki for a new adventure

After more than 7 years managing Masarang’s Tasikoki wildlife issues Simon formally sent in his resignation letter to the Masarang Foundation board. He and Angela D’Allesio have taken on a new position with another nature conservation project in Central Sulawesi.

For many years Simon, and later joined by Angela, he gave it all, passionate about the animals in his care first. Simon and Angela are also impassioned about veganism and wildlife protection. Simon and Angela worked with limited funds from volunteers and donations to do the best possible within their means.

On November 23rd, 2017, we will have a farewell party for the two of them where friends, colleagues and staff will pay their respects and undoubtedly crack some jokes too! Billy, having worked with Simon and Angela for many years, will be master of ceremony.

During the years that Simon oversaw wildlife activities for Masarang, including the sea turtle project, the number of animals at Tasikoki constantly increased, which was one of his biggest frustrations that so many could not be released earlier or even only have a dim hope of ever being released. Simon and Angela will make time to come back when two of Tasikoki’s best well-known inhabitants, the orangutans Bento and Is, will finally move on to Kalimantan next year.

On behalf of all of us at Masarang we wish Simon and Angela lots of success in their new endeavours and thank you for all the time and effort you both gave to Tasikoki.

Willie Smits

Some pictures with Simon and Angela visiting East Kalimantan and sitting with Willie brainstorming about Tasikoki and its program and undoubtedly durians.

Simon Angela
Simon and Angela visiting East Kalimantan
Angela Willie back
Simon sitting with Willie brainstorming about Tasikoki
Simon Angela Leo
Simon and Angela with Leo Hulsker visiting East Kalimantan