Donor AKBHHH visits Masarang projects

Official opening of Masarang office and library!

At the end of October our donor foundation AKBHHH (Alle Kleine Beetjes Helpen) visited the Masarang projects in Indonesia. One of the projects was a new Masarang office and library. The library has a special collection of books that deal with the local Minahassa culture and the indigenous nature of Sulawesi. This project was led by William Smits (son of Willie Smits). In the building you can find the library downstairs and the Masarang office is located upstairs. Here you can find the board, the financial administration and the secretariat. During the visit, the chairman of the AKBHHH foundation officially opened the Masarang office and library together with the chairman of Masarang International.

Project to develop vegetable garden Tasikoki

One of the other projects that AKBHHH has also sponsored was the development of a vegetable garden on Tasikoki to reduce food costs for the animals. When you visit the “kitchen” of Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center, you see many buckets of food. Piles of fruit slices: banana, watermelon, pineapple, sour soup, cucumber, gourd, etc. Supervisors and volunteers provide daily food to animals in the center. These different types of food must meet the needs of animals and daily variation such as in nature . With a monthly use of 14300 Kg of food, Tasikoki costs millions of Rupiahs every month. At Tasikoki we still had one hectare of land available to grow fruit and vegetables organically, so that we could feed the animals on a daily basis.

However, the intended vegetable garden consisted of very infertile sandy soils, so it was necessary to improve the soil with biochar and compost. Tasikoki can now try to reduce the costs for fruit & vegetable purchases. The program encourages employees to plant vegetables and fruit trees in the vegetable garden owned by the Masarang Foundation. For the first phase, employees planted corn, cassava, pineapple, banana, watermelon and gourd. pineapple


Thanks to the AKBHHH foundation, Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center has become more self-reliant!