The forest of Benni

Benni is a German boy who suffers from Duchenne’s disease. For years he has been fighting for the preservation of the rainforest, and he is committed to the fate of Orang Utans. In 2016 Willie wrote a touching blog about Benni and his visit to, among others, the Sintang Orangutan Center..

The video is in German, but it is also subtitled in English.

A lot has happened since then. Thus, Benni survived a cardiac arrest, and he is now continuously ventilated. And although Benni can only move his fingers, HE DOES NOT SIT STILL!

Through a book and a film made by HIM, he talks about the deforestation problem as a result of palm oil, and the consequences for the habitat of the Orang Utan. With unbridled dedication he visits schools, universities, bookstores and he tells us which alternatives there are for the use of palm oil.
The enormous courage of Benni is admirable and it moves us.Benni’s motivation is clear from the video, and his tirelessness proves that every individual can make a difference.


Benni started a new project with the motto “DONATE A TREE”. He wants to plant 200,000 trees in Indonesia, and to do that he needs 1 euro per tree.

If you have been touched by Benni and want to help, you can also donate via onze website and mention under message: The Forest of Benni. We work together with Benni, and on the credits of the film you also can see our Masarang logo. For more info you can also visit Bennis website. Of course we will inform Benni about the result. We hope that this action will be a huge success. We greatly hope for Benni that a forest will be named after him in North Sulawesi (Temboan beach).

Benni and Willie
Benni and Willie back in 2016.

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