Lecture on Oil Palms in Luxembourg

An evening with Animal rescue organizations

On October 20th, I was invited to present a lecture on oil palms and an update on our conservation work for Masarang, especially Tasikoki that is supported by Luxembourg Orangutan Help, and Orangutan Rescue where they are loyal supporters of the Sintang Orangutan Center that is supported by the Orangutan Rescue Foundation from The Netherlands.

Adrienne and I thoroughly enjoyed the warm reception by many old good friends and the pleasure of meeting new members of the board of BOS Luxembourg. Beatrice Casagranda has handed over the reins of the organization to Claude Schiltz but remains active for the organization together with her partner Jim who published another beautiful orangutan calendar to support us.

Also, attending after a three-hour drive from Germany, were our friends from Lebensraum Regenwald. Founder Roland Zeh set up a stand during the evening where visitors to the lecture could support our activities in Indonesia and Luxembourg Orangutan Help did the same.

Myths about palm oil

Some 100 people attended the lecture that was opened by Claude after which I presented my address and it was closed by Dr. Laurent who clarified many myths about the sometimes proclaimed health aspects of palm oil, which was very revealing! Before and after the lecture I spoke with people from Sea Sheperd, Greenpeace and many other organizations as well.


A lot of funds were received from donations and sale of various items. We already made plans to meet up again to discuss more possibilities for cooperation during a visit to Indonesia in the spring of 2018. It is only thanks to the people like our friends from Luxembourg and Germany and Hong Kong that we can keep up our work for a better environment.

evening lecture in Luxembourg
Picture taken after arrival at the venue for the evening lecture in Luxembourg. On the left Adrienne Watson-Smits, founder and president of Masarang Hong Kong, next Roland Zeh, chairman of Lebensraum Regenwald, then Jim and Beatrice, founders of Luxembourg Orangutan Help, Walter and Sonja form Lebensraum Regenwald, myself and Claude Schiltz, new chairman of Luxembourg Orangutan Help.
Luxembourg Orangutan Help with Lebensraum Regenwald
Pictures with Luxembourg Orangutan Help and with Lebensraum Regenwald at their respective fund raising stands at the lecture venue.
with Luxembourg representatives of Sea Sheperd
With Luxembourg representatives of Sea Sheperd.
some pictures of the presentation
Some pictures of the presentation