Website renewed

new house style
new house style
Not as big as the last time (when our website really started to detoriate), because as Masarang International we remain economical on our own expenses. The financing of Willie’s projects in Indonesia is what matters!

But the new GDPR legislation forced us to make some adjustments, and if you want to know more about how we have arranged this, you can read it here.

What else?

We have adapted the Masarang new house style. A modern design that we hope to have a more professional look, and we have thoroughly renovated the text about Willie because after 6 years it was due for replacement, after all, Willie is not sitting still.

We are also very happy with the introduction of a new payment module. We removed the old payment module from the website at the time when it no longer functioned for many applications. We chose Mollie as a handler because of their professionalism and their low costs!

Finally, we refer to the article in which we inform you about the new board, and this text has also been adapted.

We thank BOEI17 for their professional and pleasant help with this.