Tasikoki needs financial support, can you help out?

Bento, image courtesy of Ross Burrough

Help Tasikoki!

The animal rescue center Tasikoki has an important function in the taking in of animals that are often illegally smuggled abroad. On North Sulawesi where Tasikoki is located, people smuggle the animals often to the Philippines.

In case of confiscations by the local police, Tasikoki is the place where the animals are taken care of.

Costs rise sharply

Since some years the costs rise sharply, partly due to the sharp increase in the salaries of the personnel. Fortunately we can finance most through the visit of schools and volunteers. We can give the animals enough food and care!

Maintenance of the education centre

However, we need to do a lot in the field of maintenance. Often small things need to be done, and the costs of many of these projects are manageable, but there is currently little room to make these often necessary repairs.

The education centre functions as a big meeting room but above it are rooms for volunteers. There is a need for maintenance in this building to ensure the experience for the important volunteers is sufficiently well taken care off. The feedback for these improvements is also likely to increase the number of volunteers from word of mouth and thus contribute to the operational costs of the Tasikoki centre.

Small projects for the education centre

Small projects for the Education centre
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Another area where we can use support is in the area of enrichment. Enrichment is not just a fun activity for volunteers or little extra for the animals. It is a vital part of the health management program for the animals in our care at Tasikoki.

When animals are not bored they will not self-harm, eat better, be more active and will be mentally stimulated to solve problems. All of these aspects contribute to improving their chances of going back to the wild when the time comes. Also, whilst providing enrichment to the animals volunteers, vets and researchers can see the behavioral changes in individual animals. This will help to integrate them in groups, evaluating them for their readiness to be released, finding out what special food items help them more than others to improve diets, etc.

For volunteers involved in the enrichment program it is a very rewarding activity where they can directly witness the results of their labour seeing the animals having pleasure from their handiwork.

Small projects for Enrichment

Small projects for Enrichment
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If you would like to make a donation

Do you want to help, and you want to a make a donation, you can do so here. Under message please write: Tasikoki small projects 2018-2019. If you want to spend your donation on a special project in the list, let us know in the message.

The people and animals at Tasikoki will be very grateful with your support.

sun bears at tasikoki
sun bears at Tasikoki,image courtesy of Ross Burrough