Development Masarang Amphitheater

Opening restaurant  

Very recently we have built a simple restaurant at our Amphitheater or Masarang office in Tomohon. Billy Motolu became the manager of the project and in a short time he built a beautiful facility with our own wood, palm fibers, bamboo and palm leaves. He also made most of the furniture himself from trees that Masarang had planted. Through the restaurant we reached an agreement with the Tomohon city council to develop our location as a tourist site. The Amphitheater has a spectacular view over the valley of Kayawu with the sugar palm forests above that protect the water supply of the rice fields. There are also many so-called “warugas“, very old stone graves on the site that are protected. The restaurant was officially opened by the mayor of Tomohon a few weeks ago.

Since that event, many people became interested in visiting Masarang, which gives us the great opportunity to explain Masarang’s work and to inform people about what we can do for our planet.

Our Amphitheater is now also being booked more often for special events such as weddings, meetings and conferences. Again, this helps Masarang in different ways.