Amigos International expands assortment of Masarang palm sugar

Ananda met palmsuiker-crackertjes op de Gezondheidsbeurs
Ananda with palm sugar crackers at the Health Fair

Amigos International, the supplier of Masarang palmsugar in Europe, will expand its market by introducing a second sugar product namely Red Ape Forest Sugar.

After much marketing research, product development and production itself Red Ape Sugar has recently been launched. The Red Ape label obviously refers to the Orang Utan, our closely related cousin that is highly endangered, and which we try to protect through reforestation projects. Willie himself remains incessant to fight for them by taking care of the orphan children who’s mothers got killed in the struggle to live in the shrinking rain forests, and after they have received a thorough education they are released in protected forest.

Red Ape Chocolate Bar

Red Ape Forest Chocolate
Red Ape Forest Chocolade

In addition to the new sugar brand, Amigos has now also launched a chocolate bar (“Red Ape Forest Chocolate”), in which sustainable cocoa from the Congo is combined with sugar from the Masarang factory in Tomohon. Two good causes are combined here because the famous mountain gorillaas of Virunga also need protection.

A new market outside the Benelux

The Red Ape products have already been received enthusiastically in the Benelux, Finland and England. Jeroen, Ulrike, Bas and Maricela are often at trade fairs to promote the new brand and the work of Masarang. Even Jeroens and Maricela’s daughter Ananda sometimes helps to explain the story about saving orang utan to people! Amigos is ambitiously engaged in the opening up of new markets, in which Germany has the focus. We from Masarang are happy with all these beautiful new promotions from Amigos, and wish them good luck!

Bas and Uli at Biofach with Finnish distributor
Bas and Uli of Amigos at the Biofach fair talking to Finnish distributors

The products are in organic stores in the Netherlands and in their webshop. Not available in your store yet? Ask for it!

Ook in Indonesië blije gezichten met de nieuwe Red Ape Chocolade
Also in Indonesia happy faces with the new Red Ape Chocolate Bar