Hans van Willige

Chairman Masarang International

Hans van Willige

Hans van Willige (1964) is fascinated by the innovative ideas of Willie Smits to restore the balance between man and nature. These innovations are universal: what works in Indonesia is highly relevant to other areas in the world where the tropical rainforest is under pressure.

Hans has been actively involved with Masarang and Indonesia for some time. In recent years he has visited Willie and the Masarang projects on Sulawesi and Kalimantan several times. In addition his wife Angel was born on Java and his student children all contributed as Tasikoki volunteer.

After the Erasmus University and the Royal Netherlands Navy Hans worked as a consultant at McKinsey and he worked in various international positions at Nike. Subsequently, he has spent his time and energy on a range of entrepreneurial ventures with ‘a heart and a soul’. In this sense, a passionate organization like Masarang fits perfectly into the list. From August 2018 Hans is the new chairman of the board.

Rowena Façee Schaeffer

Assistent board

Since 201Rowena5 Rowena is working for Masarang International wherever she is needed. When watching a Dutch TV program “The Reunion” in which Willie Smits was in the spotlight, she decided to actually do something for the endangered wildlife. As a volunteer every Friday she takes care of traumatised Chimpanzees at ‘Stichting AAP’ in Almere and 2 times a year she travels to Wildlife Rescue Centers ‘somewhere’ in the world to work there for a couple of weeks also as a volunteer. Also in the Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center, founded by Willie Smits, she worked for several weeks. With her own foundation ‘Rowena Goes Ape’ she raises money for projects and organisations dedicated to the cause. In addition she blogs about the various issues related to the cause and is very active on social media. Having worked in Rescue Centers in Asia she saw with their own eyes the impact of the large-scale deforestation, mostly by the oil palm industry. Since then she is committed to Masarang.

In everyday life Rowena works as a communications manager at a municipality in South Holland.

Ronald Heldoorn

Assistent board

Ronald (1964) has been committed to providing Masarang International on the website & newsletters since 2019. The conscious philosophy of life of his daughters to eat vegetarian for one month, to live in a circuliar way, the other month etc. has led him to think about our life on this earth. He is thus encouraged to give more substance to the principle: “Learn, earn & return”. After studying and earnings in work, he now fulfills the refund aspect with volunteering for Masarang International.

In daily life Ronald works as an Information Analyst at the Central Government Real Estate Agency

In December 2010 Masarang International was founded in the Netherlands, with its aim to promote awareness of the projects of Masarang Indonesia and raise money for them.

All the board members and collaborators of Masarang International are volunteers and receive no expenses or salary.