Onna Senduk

(Masarang Indonesië)

I started out workiOnna_Sendukng in 2008 with Masarang since my return to the village of Tara-Tara where I was born. I am the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Masarang but since pak Willie is a lot on the road I am often entrusted with taking care of daily management of the Foundation which can be any kind of activity really.

I first learned about Masarang when I heard there was a palm sugar factory that benefits local farmers. When I found out I was really proud there were people that cared for our small local farmers and the future of God’s beautiful creation, and that person was/is Dr. Willie Smits. So after I visited for the first time the palm sugar factory I was eager to learn more about Masarang and join it. And after I joined the foundation I really started to understand what they already had been doing for so long like:

  • The Masarang mountain chain that was devoid of vegetation had been reforested and new springs developed, animals can now live there again and the people around it obtain livelihood from this forest.
  • Also the conservation activities of the foundation, the nurseries with sugar palms and other kinds of trees and the many other locations where Masarang planted trees for the world.
  • But also the educational and cultural programs of the foundation are impressive. That they provide a public library free of charge for everyone, an amphitheater were we can preserve our local culture, the publishing of important books and so many other social activities.
  • Also the foundation’s program to give fellowships to so many poor students from secondary school all the way up to academic studies.
  • And not to forget the Tasikoki animal rescue center and so many other activities.

It is my hope that more people will come to understand the importance of preserving our forests for the welfare of the local people, flora and fauna so all can exist. I am very grateful to Masarang. Do the best for those we love!

Sonny Ering

(Masarang Indonesië)

I havsonny-eringe been working with Masarang since 2005. I am the vice head of conservation and the head ranger patrolling our reforestation and conservation projects. So I walk a lot in the mountains to check on the work of my staff in the forest, I also help the collection of sugar palm seeds that are germinated in our tree nurseries and assist Harry Kaunang in managing the nurseries. And I love joining all kinds of activities in Masarang. We all help eachother!

I was born on May 28th 1973 in Pinaras, which is one of the villages that makes up the city of Tomohon. I started of as a ranger for the Pulisan reforestation area. In the beginning I did not quite understand why Masarang was buying all that land there. But after working with Masarang for several years I became aware why we are planting those trees and the sugar palms that will benefit not only our people but also the flora and fauna of our land.

As an employee of Masarang I will do my very best to make a success of our programs and the responsibility given to me I will guard with everything I have! I am always supportive of our programs and I do all my tasks dilligently and every challenge I face in the field I consider just like wind passing by me that is training me to do even better and make me brave to do what I need to do as forest ranger.

Jimmy Mantow

(Masarang Indonesië)


I was born in Tomohon in 1969 in Matani, the village where the office of our Masarang Foundation is located. I have worked for the Masarang Foundation since March 2006, so almost seven years. I started off working for the sugar palm farmers cooperative compiling the personnel data of more than 6000 tappers and other files needed. I also was part of the sugar palm survey teams and was involved with sugar palm research together with Dr. Willie Smits, Dr. Julius Pontoh and Nico Tatontos. I also have worked in doing land mesuration for the foundation and worked in the tree nurseries. I even spent some time helping the security staff of the Tasikoki animal rescue center. Now I work with Joppie Watulangkow on the sugar palm germination trials.

Why I like Masarang: because I feel called to take good care of our world and stop extinction caused on purpose or not by so many people. So we need all these things like nurseries, planting and research so that we will have less flooding and less drought thanks to the forest.

I believe that sugar palms are a good alternative that helps forests protect the soil from land slides and erosion and keeping groundwater in good condition. Sugar palms will also be a good alternative in the future to replace oil which will run out some time soon. Therefore as employee of the Masarang Foundation I feel responsible to continue developing sugar palms as our asset for the future of our planet.

Youdi Windah

(Masarang Indonesië)

I started wYoudi_Windahorking for Masarang in 2002. I was born in Tomohon in 1963. It is my hope that all of us under the umbrella of the Masarang Foundation can work together to do our job to support the vision and mission of our foundation. Why I like working for Masarang? Allow me to present you my poem titled “Live on Masarang”.

Live on Masarang
From the bottom of my heart
What I hope to achieve
The road I travel and explore
Full of curves and bends
As far as my eyes can see
In the distance at the base of the sky
I see the green of leaves
And hear the warm sounds of animals
That split the loneliness of the green jungle
Bringing freshness to my heart
Full of beauty and peace
In one hope
That you may live on my Masarang!

Pingkan Supit

(Masarang Indonesië)

I was boProfiel Pingkanrn in Tondano, not far from Tomohon in 1985. I started working in 2005 for the Masarang Foundation.
I work as a librarian with William Smits (son of Willie, ed) and I manage the books in the database. I also help with educational and cultural activities, and I am responsible for restoring the ancient and culturally valuable books received by the library.

During the time that I now work for Masarang I learned a lot and had a lot of special experiences. I have participated in many different activities of the Masarang Foundation. I planted trees, helped with the fellowship program for poor students, etc. etc.

Why I work for Masarang is because of the vision and mission! I really hope the Masarang Foundation can continue to make progress on the sustainability of our environment and help to preserve our culture for many future generations.One of my many beautiful experiences, was that we in the forest on the mountain Masarang, helped to release a group of macaques in the forest.

Masarang Foundation was founded in 2001 by Willie Smits. The foundation is part of the local community and has around 50 local employees.
A number of local employees introduces itself on the website.


Most of Masarang’s projects have been running for several years. For the excellent result achieved Masarang and her employees have received a number of awards. The foundation won the Indonesian Ministry of Energy’s Padma Award 2009 and was a finalist in the BBC World Challenge 2007 for charities (named one of 12 best charities in the world). Three of our employees have received the Kalpataru, the highest award for environmental achievements in Indonesia, handed out by the president. Willie Smits has received 9 different awards and is often asked for his expertise by (international) media such as the BBC, National Geographic and CNN.



Stelia Lisye Pelealu
My name is Stelia Lisye Pelealu. I was born the 4th of April 1986 in Tomohon. I work for the finance staff, and my hobbies are reading and watching TV.

I joined in Masarang Foundation in November 2011. As for my work at the Foundation is to make a report to the Masarang International, check out the daily journals in finance, helping to create a report from the conservation and PPSTO. for joining the Foundation Masarang there are so many experiences that I can get. I feel a responsibility to preserve the environment, animals and how to help people. The most memorable moment was when I joined with planting trees and providing scholarships.


The motto of my life is to pray and work and keep smiling.

It is my wish for Masarang Foundation would be more advanced and more developed in the preservation of the environment for human life, animals and other living creatures.

Stelia has a lot of different activities and is a binding factor in the office as can be seen in the pictures hereunder (fltr).

In Stelia’s own words:
“When I follow the training program FINA in Bogor. This is the accounting program we use in the Masarang Foundation;
In Scholarships programs we make in Pulisan.
Prepare the Christmas tree with the friends in office. It was a funny and happy activity.”

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