Masarang International aims for transparency about revenue, expenses and supported projects. The publication of the official Annual Report may be viewed by anyone.

Annual report 2018

Hereby we present the annual report of 2018. We would like to ask special attention for a new special project which Masarang started this year! In the Temboan Beach project we have started a purchase program in collaboration with the village chief of Temboan village to secure this special beach and the hinterland.

Overzichtskaart van Sulawesi projecten
Sulawesi projecten

Sulawesi projects

The total area measures 500 hectares; Masarang International has been able to spend € 900,000 on the purchase of more than 400 hectares of land. After securing the area, we will start work in 2019 on a management plan for Temboan Beach, the start of reforestation of useless grasslands and restoration of broken corals with a special “Biorock” method.

We kindly refer you to the Final Masarang annual report 2018. (pdf)

Annual report 2017

2017 is a year of transition for Masarang. Work has been done on a new board in the Netherlands and improvements in the organization in Indonesia. Important preparations have been made for new projects by purchasing land with the aim of protecting a number of nature reserves. These areas can be used to release animals that now reside in Tasikoki.

In the Netherlands, a highlight was Heroes of the Wilderness, in which Alexandra Vosmaer was portrayed in a loving manner, and Willie’s work once again came to the attention of a wide audience.

More information, view the Masarang annual report 2017 (pdf)


Annual report 2016

In 2016, there has been talk in various media about the work of Willie Smits, we have renewed the website, there have again been various donations, in which especially the very special action of Rob Voerman does not want to be mentioned. In addition, donations were used to expand the Tengkawang plant on West Kalimantan, and we were able to start a reforestation project on Kalimantan.

View the Masarang annual report 2016 (pdf)

Annual report 2015

In 2015 we put more emphasis on the sugar palm program in West Kalimantan, because the land in Kalimantan is much poorer than on Sulawesi, and investments have been made in new techniques such as Biochar. Masarang International won a prize at “Fietsen Scoort”, and this money was used for the Biochar program.

View the Masarang annual report 2015(pdf)


Annual report 2014

In 2014, thanks to a beautiful documentary, ‘Elstner’s Reisen’ on German TV, a considerable amount of private donations was donated to protect Orangutans. In addition to our well-known projects, we have built a small factory in Kalimantan where fats are extracted from the nuts of the Tengkawang tree, this as an environmentally friendly alternative for the advancing palm oil industry.

View the 2014 annual report (pdf)


Annual report 2013

In 2013, a lot of effort was put into reforestation projects and the further promotion of the sugar palm program.

View the 2013 annual report (pdf)


Annual report 2012

A number of large donations were received at the last minute in 2012, for which projects were implemented in 2013.

View the 2012 annual report (pdf)

Annual report 2011

Some figures and achievements in 2011:

  • Over € 36,000 was received from donors and sponsors, and through fundraising (see Annual Report for details)
  • € 15.736 thereof is received through private donations (regular donors and non-recurring)
  • More than 500 people have signed up for the newsletter
  • Our site is visited more than 27,000 times
  • We strive for the lowest possible cost and rapid, effective use of donor funds. We are proud that in 2011 more than 95% of the money that came in from donors is spent directly to the projects in Indonesia

Read the annual report 2011 (pdf)