Ananda met palmsuiker-crackertjes op de Gezondheidsbeurs
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Amigos International expands assortment of Masarang palm sugar

Amigos International, the supplier of Masarang palmsugar in Europe, will expand its market by introducing a second sugar product namely Red Ape Forest Sugar. After much marketing research, product development and production itself Red Ape Sugar has recently been launched. The Red Ape label obviously refers to the Orang Utan, our closely related cousin that

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Tengkawang factory
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More succes for the tengkawang project

Since the Masarang Foundation opened the tengkawang (or illipe butter) factory (through a donation of the Dutch Otter Foundation) on the 19th of August 2014, a lot had happened for the tengkawang project. In a matter of months the factory was built and in August and September of that year the first tons of nuts

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Helden van de wildernis
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“Heroes of the Wilderness” devoted to the work of Willie

Not to miss! In a new six-part series Helden van de Wildernis Art Rooijakkers visits conservationists in beautiful natural areas around the world. Areas that are under severe pressure as well as its inhabitants. One of the episodes is dedicated to the work of Willie Smits , the Sintang Orangutan Center in Borneo, West-Kalimantan. Art

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Planting fruit trees
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Masarang reforestation project in West Kalimantan

Through the support of one of Masarang’s valued sponsors, Masarang started a reforestation project in the surroundings of the beautiful Saran Mountain. Masarang is already working in this region for a few years now to protect the Saran Mountain and its surroundings against the rapid expansion of oil palm plantations in the region. Reforestation against

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