“Nature conservation through collaboration with and development of the local population”

That is the mission of Masarang, our foundation in Indonesia, founded in 2001 by Dr. Eng. Willie Smits.
Masarang finds solutions for the most urgent global problems of our time: deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change, poverty and underdevelopment.

More information about Masarang and Willie Smits
or see the film about The solution of palmsugar and the village hub

Tasikoki “A less well-known sanctuary that will inspire you!”, Helping in Indonesia at our sanctuary? Here you can read more information! Onegreenplanet.org. More information about volunteering at Tasikoki is possible by sending an email to vrijwilligertasikoki@gmail.com.

Photo at the top: The Masarang mountain after a successful reforestation project of the Masarang Foundation, began in 2000.

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